All India Gouds Association to be the professional prime mover to unite the community people & empower them through all round development.
Development of the Community Activities through
1) Wherever Goud people staying there, we put help-line to protect & develop our communirty, Old Age Homes That is our main aim.
2) Education Development – Students & Youth
3) Empowerment of Women
4) Economic Empowerment & Entrepreneurship
5) Leadership Development
6)Community Service
1) All India Gouds Association Gouds group should have around 20 members form one particular location.
2) Meet once a month at a prefixed Week, Day, Time, Place regularly
3) Ten Office bearers with a term of One year. 50% new office bearers every year.
4) The Mission Statement has five avenues & five Directors will be In-charge of one Development wing of the All India Gouds Association.
Education Development – Students & Youth
Catching Young Talents & encouragement
Computer Awareness
Career development
Leadership Development
Personality Development Programs
Right to Information Act
Celebrating Independence Day
Community Service
* Conduct Health Camps
* Tree Plantations
* Home for aged
* Help Physically Handicappedd
* Competitions on dancing, entertainment for children
* Preventive Medication - - Flu etc
*Donating - Steel Plates etc.
*Films, Dramatics, Music
*Picnics, Pot Lucks, Tombola
*Bus Shelter