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My dear enthusiastic readers of the web site about KAUNDINYA EDUCATIONAL TRUST, I feel that I am very clear in selecting these five castes because they are all only one in origin and the marriages among Gowda, Settibalija and Edigas are very common.


To be more clear bout the oneness of these sub-castes, we find in the Report of the Backward Classes Commission “Submitted to and accepted by the A.P. Govt. In this report, in page 158, Appendix-4, socially and educationally backward classes schedule B, it was stated that Gowda, Ediga, Settibalija, sri Sayana, Yaata or Chegidi belong to the same profession. It is found in item No.4 and page No. 160. However, Yaata caste is kept in BC-A.


Later, with the involvement of all our Gowda leaders of our state, led by Sardar Gowthu Latchanna, who is highly respected not only by Gowdas and Andhra Pradesh but also by all political parties in India, persuaded the A.P. Govt. to issue a G.O. branding Gowda, Settibaliaj, Ediga, Sri Sayana & Yaata, as Gowdas. Subsequently, a G.O. was issued by A.P. Govt. on 11-12-1997 with G.O. No.16.


To the pride of honour of our Gowdas, we have a purana called Gowda Puranam. Gowda Puranam says that Brahma the creator, while travelling to kailasa on his Hamsa Vaahana, was sweating on his forehead. Brahma rubbed his forehead with his finger and was about to throw it away, both the earth & sky shivered conveying that they can not bear it. Brahma asked Vayudeva to throw it Seven Seas away. But vayudeva threw it in the pond where goddess parvathi used to take bath. Then the sweat did not absorb in the water. At the same time, a Mahatma was born with Sirshasana i.e., head down and feet upwards. Seeing this Mahatma, Goddess Parvati asks sage Narada to explain it to her. Narada comes to know from Three Murthies ( Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara ) that he was born out of God Brahma’s sweat. As he was also born on Karthika Poornima, he was given the name of Kaundinya. When he was asked to come out of the pond, he asks for a boon to have progeny without marrying a woman. Otherwise, he rejected to come out of the pond.

Then all the three gods blessed Kaundinya by chanting Adiveda, Amaraveda and Saamaveda. Kaundinya was blessed with 5 sons by name Adi Gowda, Amara Gowda, Veda Gowda, Vipra Gowda, Pungama Gowda and a daughter Nilambari.

All the sons were given good education by the gods. And they were given the kalpaVRIKSHAS ( Palm, Coconut, Date) and asked them to produce sura and supply to all gods. Hence we can conclude, purana wise also all people who hail from the main profession toddy tapping, belong to one origin.

One Mr. Buddiga Adi Narayana who wrote “SAMAGRA GOWDULA CHARITRA” from a Hindi book Adi Gowda Deepika pages 121-124, the purana of Gowdas says that one demon king by name TRIPURASURA used to wage war against Devatas and used to tease Rishis. In this process , unable to bear the violence of the Asurars, god’s king Indra fled away to Himalayas and hid himself not to be seen by Asuras. The rest of rulers of sides (Ashta Dikpalakulu) could not do their duties normally. As a result there was a famine in Bhooloka and people suffered from hunger & starvation. Then other maharishis prayed Atri Maharishi, requesting him to save the people of Bhooloka. Being satisfied with their request, he has uttered a mantra “OM GOWDASYA SIVAYA SWAHA”. With thisMANTRA, a handsome man with many arms (Ayudhas) around him was born, he being the brain child of Atri Maharshi. He was named as "Kaundinya”and he was ordered by Atri Maharishi to help the people by providing food, water and medicines.

Being ordered by his father, he came to Bhooloka and provided many medicinal plants, food crops, fruits and tasty juices from Palmira, coconut and date trees to keep the pople happy and joyful. Thus Kaundinya saved all the people of the earth.

Kaundinya got married to “Mayakanya”, the daughter of Satyavati, and begot four sons by name “Kaundilya” ”Ayudharmudu””Homaaksha”and “Devaasraya”. These four sons are called Deva Gowdas with Kaundinya Gotra. Since then the Deva Gowdas started receiving 6 Gotras by name 1. Atri Gotra, 2. Kaundinya Gotra, 3. Kundilya Gotra, 4. Ayudhama Gotra 5. Homaksha Gotra and 6. Devasraya Gotra.

All the above 6 Gotrikas were being called as Deva Gowdas and Siva Gowdas. These gotrikas used to utter Gowda Mantra and squeeze the juice from coconut, palm and date trees and provide it to Garuda, Gandharva, Yaksha, Siddha, Naga, Kinnera, Kimpursha. In turn the Gowdas were being respected and appreciated by one and all.

Having read this, “you believe it” or “do not believe” or “simply laugh at it”. (Nammakandi, Nammandi or Navvukondi) But , believe that we all have the same origin, either through purana, or through history or through the Govt. GOs issued through the involvement of our great leaders.