I am very happy to say that we have started ALL INDIA GOUDS ASSOCIATION with the co-operation of our community leaders. We are not in Andhra Pradesh & Telangana, our community spread all over India.

Our people are very backward in some places, those Gowdas having knowledge, there is no opportunities and facilities. So that we people depending on Thadi work (cast work) now a days our Gowdas also having higher education and high-tech knowledge (software) but we are not moving that side as we are depending on kallu Geethe. We came to know these are all problems of our community, that’s why we are started this organization of GOWDA we start helpline for every Gowda community. Remember it! Use it! Enroll Membership..........

Every Goud has to know what we are? Where we are? We want to call all on one diose! Wherever Goud people staying there, we put help-line to protect & develop our community, Old Age Homes That is our main aim. Our greater National leaders & Social Network Members has promised to protect our community and develop where as chances is there. Our National wise ALL INDIA GOUDS ASSOCIATION Completely Non Political, Only for Gouds Taper Community.